Current & Active Volunteers

A strong volunteer base is the core strength of LGF. We know our volunteers contribute time and expertise to help create memories for program participants. We know you have a passion for fishing and boating and a caring heart for the people you serve every day. We appreciate that you have a desire to share the outdoor experience with others and to create a community that cares for all its citizens. Thank you for being a part of such a wonderful, life-changing organization.

Current volunteers need to register in the system one time to volunteer for Ottertail County Chapter trips.

Below are instructions on how to register and how to schedule yourself for a trip.

How To Register in the Scheduling Program

  • Click on Register
  • Scroll to the bottom and under Volunteers select CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
  • Fill out all your contact information and click on SUBMIT
  • The Administrator will get a notification that you have registered and they will need to make you Active before you can schedule yourself for a trip